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I am just a dog mom who spoils and loves her animals. Floyd was my first dog and I shared 15 years with him. When I lost him to old age I wanted to do something really special with his ashes, something I can wear or hang in a window and think of him. So I bought a kiln and started Fl"ash" by Samantha (Flash stands for Floyds Ash). I love what I do. I help people find comfort in an otherwise difficult time. I have had so many people leave my house in tears of joy that they are able to carry their loved ones with them. With every story and with every person I meet I honestly feel so blessed and truly believe they were sent to me for a reason.

A lot of animals have been saved because of Floyd. Because of him I volunteered for Border Collie rescue for 10 years and I am always helping strays and donating to shelters and rescues.

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